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Mar 11, 2021



Strategic services agreement will increase linguistic coverage, 24/7 support availability and provisioning servicesto answergrowing Clinical Research Core Lab market needs and increasing use of home monitoring


Nancy, France, November9,2020–Banook Group,specialized in cardiac safety, centralized analyses of medical imagery and event adjudication, announces today that it has partnered with the Stefanini Group in a service agreement to expand its support offering.

As a resultof the agreement, research study sites will be able to obtain live support fromthe Banook Group in their native languages, no matter the time zone, and to enjoy dedicated, tailored software and hardware support.The StefaniniGroup’s presence in 40 countries and its 25,000 employees allows the Banook Group to ensure coverage inup to 50 languages, optimizingefficiencyduring clinical trials, without compromising the quality standards and adaptivityvalued by its customers.

“This agreement is another step forward in Banook’s ambition to capitalize on existing assets and to drive market leadership in the Clinical Research Core Lab market,” said Alexandre Durand-Salmon, CEO of Banook Group.“We continue to enrich our portfolio to provide market-leading services to domestic and international companies. This agreement with Stefanini contributes toour global commitment to increase customerbenefits by building an ecosystem of selected highly recognized partners.”

Thisnew partnership will not replace existing Banook services, but rather enhance them with combined customer-facing support on software configuration and a helpdesk. The Stefanini Group also provides a provisioning service, configuringand shippingdevices such as computers, tablets, smartphone and ECG recorders worldwide, according to the requirements of clinical studies sites.

The Covid crisis has changed the way clinical studies are run; previously a very small proportion of the studies were conducted off-site. However, the current situation has made it necessary to monitor patients at home using Real World Evidence (RWE). Virtual clinical studies will now be chosen for their ability to adapt whilst maintaining accuracy. Before theCovid pandemic, approximately 0.4 % of trialswere fully leveraging technology in a meaningful way; this figure has now grown exponentially.With this partnership, the Banook and Stefanini Groups will both be able to ship new devices to ensure patient cardiac safety –for example, biosensors, ECG patches and activity trackers.

The Stefanini Group also hasapatient-centric vision, as shown by its client response deliverytime,which isless than 30 seconds. Thisvision prompted Stefanini to suggesta collaborativeapproach withinthe partnership, in which both companies aim tomaximize customer benefits.For example, two Banook studies are currently underway using Stefanini’slogistical structures with an international deployment of biosensor devices –in North America and Asia.

“Stefanini believes technology can be a powerful agent of change when it comes to creating a better world,” said Marco Stefanini, CEO and founderof the Stefanini Group.“Thisis why we’re proud to be closely collaborating with a business that shares our values on an initiative that can deliver real benefits to patients.”

Both companies havethe same vision for the healthcare oftomorrow: state-of-theart services, technology and innovation. Launched more than 20 years ago and withover 8,000 equipped sites worldwide,in the past fiveyearsthe Banook Grouphas seen a 25% growth rate each yearinsites equipped with ATRIUM,its clinical trial management platform. The Stefanini Group has been the world’s leading provider of hardware and software solutions for clinical research studies for over 30 years.

Both Stefanini and Banookshare a commitment to social and ecological responsibility, which spans sourcing, equipment optimization and the donation of equipment to underprivileged countries.

About Stefanini Group

About StefaniniGroupStefaniniis a global company with 30 years of experience in the market, offering a robust selection of services such as automation, the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and user experience (UX).The Stefanini Group providesa broad portfolio of solutions, combining innovative consulting, marketing, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence services with traditional solutions such as a service desk, field service and outsourcing (BPO). The company maintains its excellence by investing in technological innovations, building optimal partnerships, acquiringcompanies worldwide and hiring highly trained professionals.Stefanini believestechnology can revolutionize a company and that innovation is essential to foster development and competitiveness. The company also valuesnew ideas and the power of an open mind;itthereforerecognizes thatevery talent is essentialtothe development ofquality projects and the promotion ofprogress.

About Banook Group

The Banook Group is one of the few international providers capable of supplyingcardiac safety, central imaging and endpoint adjudicationservices topharmaceutical groups, biotech companies, medical device manufacturers, CROs and nonprofit organizations.Its mission is to help its clients develop the health careof tomorrow, using high quality, reliable and innovative solutions inall phases of clinical trials and ultimately to bring new solutions to market for the benefit of patients.Its medical and regulatory expertise, quality-drivenapproach and theteamavailability maketheBanook group a key player in clinical trialsservices. Founded in 1999, the Banook Group operateson an international scale, maintaining offices at its headquarters in Nancy, (France), and in Montreal (Quebec, Canada).To learn more about the subsidiaries of the Banook Group(CardiaBase, Banook Central Imaging and Banook Inc.), visit our website



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