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March 2020

Banook Group welcomes Turenne Santé as new investor, alongside the management

Funds obtained will enable the European leader in cardiac safety to continue its…
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May 2018

Webinar : Advances in cardiovascular diagnostic devices for clinical trial

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018  6:00 PM CEST (Central European Time) UTC/GMT + 2…
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April 2017

Event Participation 2017

Banook Group will attend the following exhibitions. Let’s meet there!
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February 2017

Cardiabase by Banook Group opens subsidiary in Montreal, Canada

Group strengthens its presence in North American market, aiming for 30% growth in…
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March 2015

Banook Group - New branding announcement

Cardiabase/Banook Central Imaging becomes Banook Group - New branding announcement.
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March 2014

Webinar: Imaging anti-cancer treatment response at a preclinical and clinical stage

Use of imaging in oncology clinical trials is mainly based on morphological evaluation…
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Headquarter address

Banook Group

84 avenue du XXème Corps

54000 Nancy - France

Europe +33 (0)3 83 39 10 10

Fax +33 (0)3 83 37 36 36

USA/Canada +1 (514) 392 8998


Scientific innovation and curiosity are in our DNA

The clinical evaluation of novel therapies is a field in constant evolution. New strategies to design clinical programs and new or improved tools to collect and analyze clinical data are constantly proposed and assessed.

Our clinical and operational teams are hungry for new knowledge. They keep themselves abreast of scientific and technological developments in these areas that can be implemented in therapeutic trials to improve the quality of clinical safety assessment and data acquisition or analyses, and ultimately benefit patients. The direct involvement of some of our experts in the writing of international guidelines, their membership in various committees and professional societies and their active participation in state-of-the-art scientific conferences helps us stay ahead of the competition.

Our curiosity also explains why we are eager to collaborate with companies and organizations that explore new medical devices or assess novel therapeutic modalities in unusual medical conditions and special populations.

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In over 15 years in clinical trial services, we have acquired a broad experience of the drug development process and clinical studies, as well as a unique understanding of the needs of sponsors and investigative centers

Our experience allows us to fulfill all your needs in clinical trial data management and offer solutions tailored to your requirements with great flexibility. The highly skilled team of people who work for Banook Group and our top-level scientific board not only offer expertise rooted in a deep understanding of the unique scientific and regulatory requirements of clinical programs but also bring passion to this endeavor. They exemplify the values of innovation, creativity, quality and dedication that have guided Banook Group throughout the years and will undoubtedly continue to guide us in the future.

Whether you are looking for advice on the design of a single cardiac safety study or a dedicated team to help you manage acquisition and analysis of clinical trial data in an entire development program our people and experts have the required expertise.

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Combining three business lines
in a unique integrated services network

The Banook Group is one of the few established international providers with the expertise and capabilities to offer services in three important areas of drug development - cardiac safety, central imaging and endpoint adjudication - to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, CROs and nonprofit organizations.

These complementary divisions offer a portfolio of services uniquely tailored to conducting and managing global clinical trials relying on a cadre of board-certified oncologists, radiologists, cardiologists and medical researchers and uniquely talented staff.

All teams operate as a single unit, allowing efficiencies and significant cost savings in project execution, data management and operational support.

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People serving Science. Science serving People

At Banook Group, we believe that the success of your clinical programs depends not only on technology but also on the quality of the people you work with. Our employees, experts and partners are all individuals dedicated to both your and our mission. They are selected for their expertise, dependability, capacity for innovation, responsiveness to your needs, and impeccable sense of ethics.

Our mission is to help you conduct clinical trials of the highest quality and in the least amount of time to secure regulatory approval and ultimately bring your solutions to market for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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I’m looking for an organisation that can very rapidly set up
a Phase III trial on a large number of sites all over the world…

We have extensive experience in international multi-centre trials. We have the capacity to conduct up to 150 trials simultaneously involving up to 8,000 sites spread over 5 continents.

We understand that time is a critical factor driving the successful outcome of clinical programs. This is why we work closely with you to provide effective solutions to your needs, all the while remaining proactive, flexible and result-oriented.

Our expertise, backed by a comprehensive understanding of both the medical and regulatory environments, allows us to address issues quickly and effectively, no matter how complex or technical the requirements of your program are.

Our extreme operational flexibility, coupled with our ability to mobilize our team of specialists (cardiologists, radiologists, etc.) on short notice, make us the ideal partner for rapid execution of clinical trials.

Our objective is to provide our clients with the expertise and reactivity needed to keep their clinical program on track.

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I’m looking for a team that is attentive to my needs and capable of helping me put together my Phase I clinical trial…

For clients that do not have dedicated in-house expertise, we offer a comprehensive array of services ranging from advice on the best clinical and regulatory development strategy to individual study design and conduct for assessing clinical efficacy and safety. A high level scientific support team is assembled and made readily available to the sponsor and the Banook Group project team to provide strategic and scientific advice as dictated by program needs. Responsiveness and availability are hallmarks of the Banook Group.

Companies looking for a full service package can take advantage of this expertise that includes general advice on efficacy and safety evaluation, protocol design and conduct up to data analysis and reporting, including statistical reports.

We have considerable experience in early exploratory phases, with over 400 Phase I trials. This experience also gives our clients access to a major network of accredited early phase centres.

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I’m looking for a structure capable of deploying sites in Africa…

The Banook Group has extensive expertise in carrying out clinical projects in emerging countries (Africa, Central America, Asia). As an example, we have been involved in 15+ studies of therapies for malaria. Our teams have the required flexibility and experience to adjust to the most difficult environments and propose clinical assessments tailored to the very special needs of clinical trials in these regions of the world. Our considerable expertise, particularly in the area of cardiac safety, combined with our commitment to quality, make us the ideal partner for non-profit organizations seeking to assess the efficacy and safety of novel treatments for tropical diseases (malaria, leishmaniasis, trypanomiasis, but also tuberculosis, AIDS).

Besides clinical and technological knowledge, one of our key assets is a considerable experience with challenging logistics. This makes it possible to deliver material and consumables and support equipment maintenance at sites anywhere in the world, including tropical areas. Thanks to this expertise we are confident that clean and reliable clinical data can be collected in a timely manner despite a challenging environment.

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I’m looking for a core lab capable of recommending biomarkers that are relevant for my clinical trial…

Over the years, Banook Group has developed top-level quality services, including in well-targeted fields. We offer the services of high level scientific experts who are members of international societies and committees involved in regulatory guidelines and developing novel paradigms for efficacy and safety evaluations, such as Pierre Maison Blanche, member of the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium (FDA), and Gérard Nitenberg, former medical director of the Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris (France).

Whatever the challenges you face, we have the expertise you need to address them. Our experts are well-versed in latest scientific and regulatory advances that may determine the design and completions of clinical trials.

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