ECG rental Holter rental
Providing ECG labs with device rental and turnkey logistics.



You need a PC with the following features :

  • -    Windows 2000 or above installed
  • -    Framework 1.1 MUST be installed
  • -    The PC MUST have Administrator rights
  • -    The PC MUST have access to Internet

Please make sure you have ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS before installing the transfer program. If not, contact your IT department.

If not installed on your machine, you will have to download, unzip, install framework 1.1 and SP1's. You can find them at the following address :


If your PC has no serial connection (RS232), you will have to transfer with the USB to serial cable AND RS232 serial cable connected together.
1. Unzip the drivers for USB cable on your PC
2. Connect the USB cable to your PC. Windows will ask you for the drivers. Please refer to the installation guide

Techsupport :

For any help with the installation, please contact Techsupport :