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March 2020

Banook Group welcomes Turenne Santé as new investor, alongside the management

Funds obtained will enable the European leader in cardiac safety to continue its…
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May 2018

Webinar : Advances in cardiovascular diagnostic devices for clinical trial

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018  6:00 PM CEST (Central European Time) UTC/GMT + 2…
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April 2017

Event Participation 2017

Banook Group will attend the following exhibitions. Let’s meet there!
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February 2017

Cardiabase by Banook Group opens subsidiary in Montreal, Canada

Group strengthens its presence in North American market, aiming for 30% growth in…
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March 2015

Banook Group - New branding announcement

Cardiabase/Banook Central Imaging becomes Banook Group - New branding announcement.
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March 2014

Webinar: Imaging anti-cancer treatment response at a preclinical and clinical stage

Use of imaging in oncology clinical trials is mainly based on morphological evaluation…
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Research & Innovation > Atrium™

Atrium™ CTMS

Solid CTMS foundation to run any clinical trial

The Atrium™ Suite is an innovative software suite based upon a unique set of technologies and specifically designed to build, operate, track and document clinical trials across all study phases from Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to final publications.


Thanks to powerful data review and connectivity tools, it offers a unique capability of integrating all clinical data – including imaging and vital signs – into a single electronic file, and provides advanced archiving and analysis features.


The Atrium™ Suite is the foundation for secure, reliable and comprehensive research solutions that can be tailored to meet the diverse scientific and operational needs of the healthcare community.

The Atrium™ Suite allows healthcare facilities to create a virtual community workflow, sharing images and information via a global worklist.


It is comprised of six elements: the Atrium™ CTMS core, which provides all standard features, and some additional modules, to enrich and customize the solution: communication, study management, data monitoring and data management.


This role-based web application fits seamlessly in any clinical trial workflow. It allows all study participants to access clinical cases and images only restricted by their access rights: investigators, monitors, medical expert, and scientific review committees can now review, manage and/or adjudicate cases remotely, from any convenient location anywhere in the world.

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Data collection tools

Multiple sources (Image, ECG, Holter…)

Web upload system

Secure point-to-point connectivity

Data extraction & De-odentification

Operating system

Data integration & cleaning

Automate Workflow management

Data review and export

Analysis tool

Pos-treatment image tool

ECG/holter analysis tool

MACE web adjudication system


Integrated with PACS, EDC, CTMS systems

Archiving system

PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System)

Store data in vendor neutral archive

Communication system

On-line queries

Message board

On-line clinical report

Reporting system

Operational dashboards

Key performance indicators

Security and audit

Compliant with CFR part 11


Global Atrium™ benefits:

  • Accelerated data flow allowing immediate action/decision,
  • Centralized information/real-time reports,
  • Enhanced control of the different stages in the workflow,
  • Dedicated access and tools for each category of stakeholders,
  • Shared information in real time with Sponsor/Sites/Experts,
  • Compliant with 21 CFR part 11, DICOM, CDISC and MCC standards.

Global Atrium Benefits

Key focus on reporting system


The Atrium™ Dashboard enables the project stakeholders of the process to view project status in real time, drill down to investigate problems and issues, share dashboards with others, and create executive summary views.


Thanks to visual key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics, this enable the project team to achieve critical outcomes, respond rapidly to business changes, and make strategic project decisions earlier in the project life cycle–all with increased visibility into the decision-making process.


The Atrium™ Dashboard provides key performance Indicators such as:


  • Site start-up,
  • Image acquisition,
  • Image processing,
  • Image quality,
  • Acquisition protocol robustness.



Atrium™ SMN is the fastest solution for electronic sharing of medical images securely over the internet between sites and other process stakeholders.


Key features include:


  • Providing secure point-to-point and scalable connectivity,
  • Intelligent routing of studies to deliver data automatically and immediately to the point of care,
  • Providing notifications to involved parties.