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March 2020

Banook Group welcomes Turenne Santé as new investor, alongside the management

Funds obtained will enable the European leader in cardiac safety to continue its…
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May 2018

Webinar : Advances in cardiovascular diagnostic devices for clinical trial

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018  6:00 PM CEST (Central European Time) UTC/GMT + 2…
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April 2017

Event Participation 2017

Banook Group will attend the following exhibitions. Let’s meet there!
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February 2017

Cardiabase by Banook Group opens subsidiary in Montreal, Canada

Group strengthens its presence in North American market, aiming for 30% growth in…
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March 2015

Banook Group - New branding announcement

Cardiabase/Banook Central Imaging becomes Banook Group - New branding announcement.
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March 2014

Webinar: Imaging anti-cancer treatment response at a preclinical and clinical stage

Use of imaging in oncology clinical trials is mainly based on morphological evaluation…
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Mission & strategy > Our strategy > Relying on talented women and men

Our strategy

Relying on talented women and men
Constantly enhancing our responsiveness and proximity
Implementing an optimal quality system
Developing partnerships



Managing data in the context of clinical research is a unique speciality. As Banook Group Chairman Pascal Voiriot, who is a physician, often says, Never forget that behind the numbers, the metrics and the data flows, there are patients. Banook Group owes it to these patients and the sponsors of clinical trials to provide innovative and reliable services.


This is the reason Banook Group has focused on people since its founding. Our strong belief is that that the quality of clinical trial data not only depends on technology, but also on the talent and experience of the women and men who bring both dedication and passion to your projects.


Our employees are motivated by the human aspects of their profession. They share our values and our best practices in terms of ethics, reliability, proximity and innovation.





Banook Group has established a multi-disciplined organisation dedicated to offering state-of-the-art and high-caliber services:


  • The members of our scientific committee include world-renowned international experts with extensive knowledge of pathologies, scientific innovations, techniques and regulations, and, of course, substantial experience in clinical trials. Regardless of the complexity of the study, our experts are eminently capable of supporting you from designing your projects to interpreting your results,
  • Our project teams (project and data management staff, logistical team, etc.) and research teams (R&D, IT development engineers, quality team, etc.) are also composed of skilled individuals dedicated to delivering the best results to our clients.




In addition to skills and experience, all our employees are selected for their ability to be responsive to your needs, personally invest in their work, and function autonomously.


At all levels or responsibility and function, people on our teams strive to anticipate and resolve problems and to provide the best advice and support to ensure an expeditious and successful completion of your project at a minimal cost.





Banook Group’s success lies in the talented people it attracts and promotes. Our management model is based on:


  • Establishing a culture of knowledge sharing,
  • Developing a stimulating and gratifying environment for our teams,
  • Maintaining and continually developing skills, through continuous training.


The results of this management philosophy is that we attract and retain talented people. Our teams remain stable over time, developing and maintaining a long-term knowledge base and expertise that is our main strength and an essential component of our success with clients.